Hello. Major long time no see. I won't go into lack of blogging blah blah blah....however, I am back.
I recently met up with Szeyuin  - we had been meaning to meet ALL year it feels like and the stars finally aligned and it happened at the start of September.

We met in Peggy Porsches which is this beautifully pink, picturesque café in the Fitzrovia area. I don't think I have ever been to a place more instagrammable in my life or have seen so many people take so many photos in one place in such a short space of time. If you are after pretty photos, I highly recommend heading here. The cake is pretty good too.

I was a tiny bit apprehensive meeting Szeyuin as I can be socially awkward and weird when I meet new people as well as worrying about if we would get along. That was silly, Szeyuin is one of the loveliest people I have ever met and had a such a fun day laughing and talking about how much we love food.

She was also really inspiring, not only with her creative skills but also with her life! Moving across the World and having the courage to follow her dreams is just so cool.

One of the things that I have been actively trying to do this year is to appreciate the people around me a lot more and to recognise what makes them wonderful. Maybe this is something that comes with shrugging off insecurities but there's something so freeing in openly celebrating what others do, not only to others but to their faces. If you think someone is great, don't hold back - say it to their face, you might just make their day :)

All the above photos were taken by Szeyuin. If you like what she does, give her a shout on Instagram - she's a social media content creator! Go and follow Szeyuin on Instagram @szeyuin

I would love to hear who inspires you - leave me a comment down below!

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Unwind with Me | Painting Cherry Blossom with Watercolours

I finally did it! I painted. For Christmas I asked for some watercolour paints and brushes so I could have a go at painting which my mum graciously gifted. They have been sitting in the corner of the room ever since glaring at me to be used! The last time I used any sort of paints was in primary school (a lifetime ago!). Excitement and uncertainty ensued whilst creating this picture. It turned out so much better than I had hope and thought I would have to scrap a few before I felt happy with anything I would have created! 
Bullet journalling is something I have taken great joy over the last six months and I feel like this is an extension of that. It brings me so much peace and joy to doodle, draw and now paint. I chose to paint cherry blossom as I have been loving a floral theme in my bullet journal but also because I wish I could go to Japan for the cherry blossom season

You can also watch how I created this picture on youtube :) 

What do you do to unwind? What is currently inspiring you? 

Rut + Inspiration

Lately I have been stuck - I have lost the joy in getting dressed and instead have turned to "comfy" options. My wardrobe is full of clothes that I absolutely love but for the past year I have used maybe 10% of it and as a consequence I feel like I have gotten boring. At the same time my self love or self appreciation for my body has gone down - not to say that I hate how I look but I don't feel as comfortable or as confident as I feel I did a year ago.
There hasn't been a great deal of change  No, that's not quite a true statement - my job has changed, my schedule has changed and I have just started a diploma in nutrition. My life has definitely changed - its more grown up and I'm starting to ponder if somehow, unconsciously, that its affected how I dress and in turn affected how I view myself.
How I dressed in the past used to be an expression of self - I had so much fun with it and working in a clothes shop I had that freedom everyday to be as big and as bold as I dared to be. Then I changed jobs and worked in hospitality where that freedom didn't exist and was restricted to a uniform. Now my freedom has somewhat returned but working as a Chiropractic assistant doesn't allow for too much boldness. I guess I still haven't quite worked out the balance of looking professional without losing my touch of self.
Its funny I didn't realise how important dressing each day has an impact on how I feel or view myself. I need to start posting again regularly and I definitely need to start having fun with how I dress again. Lets bring back the fun.

I wrote the above post at the end of last year with the intent of posting it but I clearly didn't get round to it. I actually have a few of these more "honest" posts where I talk more about my feelings and thought processes. So there's more of these types of posts on the way.
It's so funny to look at it now as I feel the pretty much the opposite. I went through my wardrobe which helped me rediscover some things as well as trying to clear out the unused/unloved items. Clearing through my wardrobe is so hard as I love so much but I have managed to filter through a few things. Rediscovering items is so much fun - its so easy to forget about items if you're wearing the same set of clothes through the different seasons.
At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself to save more and buy less - I have mostly kept to that! It was my birthday this month so I allowed myself a little reprieve and got myself a few new things. However, I could only buy it if it truly evoked some sort of good feeling. Sounds a bit woowoo but it helps me from purchasing things I don't really want/need! I recently found a skirt in Topshop that I just fell in love with - the moment I saw it it made me happy! Sometimes it truly is the small things in life.
Another exciting thing that is happening is Brian has decided to come on board and help me with this blogging/youtube thing. He has given me a renewed spark of inspiration on what I can do. I love blogging and whatnot but it is not the easiest thing to do by yourself. I always wished for a partner who could help me film and shoot and now I have one. So excited to share some new and hopefully exciting content for you!

Do you have an inspiration rut or just a rut in general? How do you get out of it?

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